Diary of our Tour.

Day 1.

Pick up at the Malaga airport.

Transfer to Tarifa

Accommodation and dinner at Hotel La Codorniz – Tarifa.

Day 2.

Throughout the day we will cross the different sites enabled to observe the migration of birds through the Strait of Gibraltar.

Around the Strait of Gibraltar there are 17 observation points for migration. Depending on the prevailing winds we will choose the best points of observation, because the birds that arrive to our coasts from Africa will do it with the wind in favor, with which we have to place to one side or the other of the strait, depending on if it blows wind West or east.

At the end of the afternoon we will transfer to Montellano.

Dinner and overnight at “La Posada de Montellano”.

Day 3.

Departure from the hotel to visit the Sierra Sur of Seville, where we will walk on foot the Green Route of the Sierra. In this place we will be able to observe, among other raptors, one of the most endangered species: the Eagle-Azor Perdicera; In addition to enjoying the most important breeding colony of Griffon vultures of Andalusia, whose number exceeds 500 individuals and numerous passeriformes among which we highlight the Solitary Roquero, the Scrivener Hortelano, or the Common Bullfinch.

Picnic lunch.

Then we will transfer to the endoreic complex of La Lantejuela, located in an area of countryside, where we can observe the Black Shoudered Kite, the Montagu´s Harrier, the Marsh Harrier, the Lesser Kestrel, as well as other interesting species such as Little Bustard, Great Bustard, Pin tailed Sandgrouse, Black bellied grandgrouse, Roller, Stone Curlew and ducks like the White headed Duck in the lagoons of the endorreic complex.

Transfer to Hotel MonteHueznar in the town of El Pedroso.

Accommodation and dinner.

Day 4.

Throughout the day we will cross different viewpoints to observe large raptors in flight.

In the morning we will visit the viewpoint of the Bajo de Jadraga, located to the west of the Sierra Norte de Sevilla, where we can observe Griffon Vulture, Golden Eagle and Imperial Eagle. Then we will move north of the mountain to visit the viewpoint of the Loma del Aire, where we will observe the Black Vulture, Imperial Eagle and Peregrine Falcon.

Picnic lunch.

We will move to the central area of the sierra to visit the viewpoint of Constantina, where it is easy to see Griffon Vultures , Spanish Imperial Eagle and Golden Eagle.

Transfer to Hacienda Olontigi in the town of Aznalcázar.

Accommodation and dinner.

After dinner we will move to a well preserved riverbank to hear Scop Owl, Little Owl and Long eared Owl

Day 5.

In the morning we will cross areas of marshland of the Doñana Natural Area. We will visit the Dehesa de Abajo where we will observe the Black Kite, the Red Kite, the Booted eagle, the Marsh Harrier, the Common Kestrel, as well as a multitude of Ducks, weaders, Passeriformes and the largest breeding colony of White Stork on European vegetation with more than 450 nests ..

Afterwards we will cross the Guadalquivir Marshes through the Guadiamar Green Corridor, where we will see Common Busard, Common Kestrel, Black Shouldered Kite, Marsh Harrier, Imperial Eagle, Short-toed Eagle, Peregrine Falcon and Osprey.

Picnic lunch.

At the end of the afternoon we will visit an area of Dehesa formed by a typical Mediterranean forest and an area of pine forest where we will be able to listen to Owls

Dinner and overnight at Hacienda Olontigi.

Day 6.

Transfer to the Malaga airport.

Back home.

 Day 1: Malaga Airport – Malaga.
Day 2: Tarifa – Observatories of the Strait.
Day 3: Montellano – Via Verde Sierra Sur – Endouroic Complex Lebrija – El Pedroso
Day 4: P.N. Sierra Norte de Sevilla – Aznalcazar.
Day 5: Dehesa de Abajo – Green Corridor of the Guadiamar – P.N. Doñana –   Dehesa Tornero.
Day 6: Aznalcazar – Malaga Airport.


6 days in length.
For groups of 2-8 people.

Services included: Accommodation in Rural Hotel, all meals, vehicles, guides and interpreters specialized, insurance, optical material and bibliography.

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