Living Doñana offers you the opportunity to learn about our natural environment in a very personalized way. We intent that our customers learn, get thrilled and discover the wilder side of the nature surrounding us.

We are located in the region of Doñana and have a long professional experience in the field of Ecotourism and Conservation of Nature. We offer you a wide range of experiences to enjoy our land with us, always with a direct and personal treatment.

WIth our experience, dedication, enthusiasm and direct knowledge of everything that happens in our territory, we will make our best efforts to satisfy our customers and make their experiences with us unforgettable.

We´ll waiting you!!!


Our guide is Sergio González Asián, naturalist with extensive experience in tenvironmental conservation and nature guide during more than 15 years in Andalusia and Doñana. Nature lover and vocational Ornithologist, Sergio is an expert on every corner of Doñana and the species that live there.

His favorite species is the Iberian lynx. Sergio has been working with Iberian Lynxs for over 12 years and can teach you all about their customs, where he lives, problems, etc.

Sergio is in love with his work. He can help you to discover and enjoy Nature in a way you never experienced before.


Birdwatching, is our main activity, especially in the best ornithological sanctuary of Spain: DOÑANA. A territory we know very well and our favorite place for seeing birds.

During the tours and visits you will always be accompanied by an expert local guide in birdwatching. He will lead you to discover the most interesting species in every season. Our main routes take place at Doñana, Sierra Morena, Sierra Nevada, Strait of Gibraltar and Extremadura, territories where more than 350 species of birds live throughout the year.

We have a wide variety of products ranging from organized tours (with several days duration ) to half-day visits (5 hours), always with hotel pick up and free transport to observation sites.


Sierra de Andújar – Doñana:For six days we’ll visit the two natural spaces where still lives the most endangered feline: the Iberian Lynx. In our itineraries we’ll cross the pastures of oaks and mountains of the Natural Park of Andújar in Sierra Morena, and the thickets, ravines and forests of Doñana, where we’ll see very interesting species that coexist with our Iberian Lynx, as the Spanish imperial eagle, Black vulture, Golden eagle, Crested Coot, Purple Heron, Black Shouldered Kite, and many more.

Our guides will explain you everything about the Iberian lynx protection, conservation projects being carried out, the main threats faced and everything related to ecology and biology of this species so threatened.

Services Included:

  • Accommodation.
  • All meals.
  • Expert guide throughout the tour.
  • Transports. Pick up at your arrival place or set point.
  • Insurance.
  • Optical material