In these days of April 2020, the births of most of the Iberian lynx that are in the captive breeding centers of Spain and Portugal are taking place. and by extrapolation, we must suppose that the same will be happening in Nature.

If we are a little curious, we will be able to observe that this year our friends the lynxes are a bit late, since normally their heat takes place between the end of December and the middle of January and their gestation period is 62-63 days; Why is it that our Iberian lynxes have been delayed for almost a month this year?

Well, in my opinion, and once again, the fault lies with climate change, because throughout the winter the temperatures were very mild and only the second week of January it was a little colder in our latitudes, which is what our lynx like the most to enter rutting season.

So, this year we will begin to see our new puppies move with their mothers through the field from mid-June to early July.
Here is a link for you to enjoy the lynx live in captive breeding centers:
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